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INCIDENT NO.5: Oliver Lutz
November 26 2007 - January 14, 2008

Materials:  Acrylic paint, Infrared Surveillance System (camera and ceiling mount, video monitor, cables, electric conduit)
The installation leverages technology as a mechanism to demonstrate an unprecedented advantage over the subject.
Oliver Lutz’s practice engages the expanded field of painting in terms of direct influences on the medium such as installation and video technologies within art, military and social-control applications, as well as methodological influences derived from ‘external’ strategic practices such as Information Architecture and User Experience Strategy. His interim time spent working as a strategic consultant influenced regards towards the ‘viewer’ in terms of the increasingly behavioral model through which the subject is defined in a technology-dense culture. 
Lutz lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
To learn more about Oliver’s works including installations, video/performance, notations, drawings, and lectures please visit his website at: