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August 6-September 17, 2007 

INCIDENT NO.1: Bruce Dow




Bruce Dow was born in Ayer, Massachusetts, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has a BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has shown his work at A.C. Projects, the Josh Baer Gallery, Creative Time, Rotunda Gallery, and P.S. 122, among other places.

Bruce Dow is a sculptor who often works with found objects—collected materials that suggest new shapes, opportunities for alteration, modification, and/or re-construction. He is drawn to architecture echoed in naturally occurring structures and vice-versa. Through drawing he investigates geometry, playing with patterns that cycle into his sculptural practice.

‘I have always been interested in chairs and have used them, on occasion, as alternatives to traditional sculpture pedestals. Chairs are architecture for the body at rest and at work. Some of the shapes I’ve made or drawn in the past resembled the classic Eames shell chair. I realized this in retrospect when I found one of these chairs on the street. Although, like most people, I had sat in countless Eames shells, “discovering” one on the street caused me see it differently. Cutting up the shell chair is an act of destruction and of homage. It is also a visual and mathematical problem. Some of the reconstructed chairs are usable; others become objects. Although the present series works with symmetry, I’m also interested in pushing the chairs farther off balance and even farther away from their associations with claustrophobic waiting rooms and stuffy auditoriums.’