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INCIDENT No. 87: Barbara Weissberger

General Delivery 59631 is the mailing address for the town of Basin, Montana (population approximately 200) which began as a 19th century mining camp, and lies just off Interstate 15 about mid-way between the cities of Butte and Helena.  Last summer, like each summer for the past 15 years, I lived and worked in Basin for an extended period of time. I worked in a studio with a great, blue-green, recessed window in which I made the installation that appears in the foreground of these photographs. My view out the window was of Basin Street, the town’s faded main drag where the sight of Hutterite girls three or four to an ATV is not unusual. 

Though Hudson and Basin are very different places, Incident Report, another American main street storefront, was prominent in my thoughts as I worked on these images in the Basin studio. I saw an opportunity to fold together several different kinds of spaces – geographic and sociologic (eastern and western US), built and natural (the view from inside a building out to mountains), public and private (the street and the studio).  Here is the view of Basin Street and beyond as seen from Warren Street.