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On View, March 2011 




1. The sculpture does not have to exist.

2. It may not even have a shape or anything.

3. It may be badly done, badly designed and badly conceptualized.

4. Yet, if it is made, it must be a bitch of a shape, in any of its features.

5. It must have more than one manifesto. This is the first one and it will be short.

6. It may be based on the reading mistake I made yesterday when I read “'shaves” instead of “'slaves” in a text about a sculpture by    Michelangelo.

7. It may have its own mistakes as referents.

8. It must be made to fuck people or to get yourself fucked.

9. It can be shitty as hell.

10. It can be small or immense, but never monumental.

11. If it is for a white room in a gallery, museum or institution, it may have 5 paid morons so that, at a specific time, they beat the shit out of the organizer, boss or gallery owner. Only inside the white room, though.

12. It must be built with fury.

13. It may be inspired by the Sex Pistols’ 'What a fucking rotter’.

14. It doesn’t matter if all of the above is out of fashion.

15. The invisible sculpture has no one to stare at, so no one cares about it.

16. If the sculpture does exist in any form, it must be looked at so you can get your ass kicked.

17. The invisible sculpture can cause blood but must not have its own blood.

18. It can be so invisible that it may only exist during 30 seconds while having a conversation.

19. It cannot be a fart you happen to drop at some inauguration.

20. The statement in number 19 is not an invisible sculpture.

21. The invisible sculpture may never come to exist correctly.

22. Regarding number 11: once the beating is over, help the victim and take him/her to a hospital if necessary.

23. The invisible sculpture can become public.

24. If it becomes public, it is obliged to do so in restricted areas, such as dumps or after-hours, even though the latter is not all that public.

25. This manifesto can be confusing and misleading.

26. The invisible sculpture must be a chaos.

27. No one needs to love it.

28. It doesn’t have to represent anything in particular and does not need to have a concept or idea.

29. The invisible sculpture must be based on a contradictory philosophy, but this is not to be explained here now. This will be addressed in the second manifesto.

30. The invisible sculpture can be destroyed 5 minutes after presenting it.

31. The invisible sculpture can be inspired by Ciudad Juá'87rez.

32. The invisible sculpture can be the dead and/or disappeared people from Ciudad Juárez.

33. It does not have to build anything new.

34. The invisible sculpture can be a simple idea.

35. This idea may go astray.

36. The invisible sculpture will never lick anyone’s ass.

37. If anything, it must be the one getting its ass licked.

38. The invisible sculpture does not have an ass.

39. The invisible sculpture can be used for fighting and hurting people in political demonstrations.

40. The invisible sculpture’s manifesto will be continued elsewhere.