Elizabeth Demaray
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Incident No. 38: Elizabeth Demaray, TellMe TV 

December 8, 2010 - January 5 2011 

Tell Me TV (Hudson): Elevating Television to its Rightful Place as our Narrative Art Form,

This community video project is based on the idea that the stories we share as Americans may in fact be TV shows. In this
iteration Demaray has invited members of the Hudson community to the Incident Report Mobile Production Station to tell the story of any television program that they ever remember watching.

Each recollection mines the gap between the real and the remembered, while highlighting topics that range in scope from the story of a suspenseful puppet show, to a Kung Fu episode, to the televised transmission of the first moon walk.

“The amazing thing to me about this country is the pervasiveness of television and the stories we, by extension, share with each other. Besides the United States, there are few places in the world where an immigrant family, in one generation, can lose its sense of cultural identity," Demaray states. "This medium has played such an important role in what it means to be American.’


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