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INCIDENT No.29: Lisa Hein & Bob Seng
Evening Viewing Station: Blue In The Face 
January 04 - February 08, 2010

PLAY VIDEO DOCUMENT: 'Blue in the Face'


Glaciers recede, waters rise, -but not in step with each other. Designed for IR's double storefront, Blue in the Face is made with LED icicle lights, neon tubes, lighting gels and electronic controllers. It features parallel but independent lighting sequences that bed the topical in the abstract. Climate narrative conceals itself in midcentury design and the minimal art that grew out of it: Flavin, sure, but even more the irascible Judd, who felt compelled to deflect attention from the decorative aspects of his work. The blue mass of research history is as deep the droughts and inundations to come.  If we were environmentalists, rather than artists, would we spin a meter to deliver a message? -Or jet to Copenhagen for a conference? The lights burn all night to keep watch for us. We see their glow and pace as accelerated metabolism. -A sacrificial substitute for ourselves.