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Incident Report No.23: Hope Ginsburg
July 22 - August 17, 2009: Sponge 
(following Sponge/felt-making workshop at the Hudson Opera House) 

Since 2007, Ginsburg has been working on a teaching, learning and discipline-bending artwork called Sponge. A selection of the material manifestations of the Sponge project, handmade, hand-dyed wool felt mittens and boots and a kitchen sponge multiple, is currently on view at Incident Report.

For more information about Sponge

To inquire about Sponge events and felt items, please contact hg@hopeginsburg.com

Installation backdrops designed with
David Reinfurt


Ginsburg's studio in Richmond, Va.  Photo: Terry Brown


Felt en route to Hudson


Sponge mittens and boots (Credit: Terry Brown)




click here to play video

FELT Ginsburg's one-minute rumination on felt made with the Incident Report honeybees.