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Information coming soon on drawings publication.
Please visit and submit work to the online drawing archive: http://www.drawingbuilding.org/

Visionary Drawings Submissions:
You may submit a drawing that reflects one of a number of categories to be collected under the theme, Visionary Drawings. Drawings can be made in any medium, and should convey a dwelling/structure/architectural concept.

Choose a category from the following list, or write in your category if it is not represented:
Adapt/Re-use, Survivalist Encampment, Reconstruction, Mis-use, Micro-community, Fort, Techno-sustainable, Radical Lifestyle, Mobile, Habitat, Intervention, Medical/Healing Facility, Interstice , Worship, Clandestine, Pavilion, Utilities, Museum/Exhibition, Other_____________.

Visionary Drawing Building will concentrate on un-built (impossible or speculative) structures that exist on paper. This project began with an invitation to a wide range of participants, including artist, designers and architects of renown, as well as those presenting ideas for the first time. The project will reveal an array of works that convey alternatives, byproducts, expansions or critiques of one’s environment. The book and archive will highlight many visions that exist outside of established channels of production, and conventions of design.

Visionary Drawing Building, is funded in part by the Joan Mitchell Foundation.
Email m49@earthlink.net with inquiries and submissions. Subject: Visionary Drawing